Computer Vision Syndrome


As we enter the 21st century, the growing use of computers in the home and office brings with it an increase in health risks, especially for the eyes. One eye problem, called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), is afflicting more and more people who find themselves constantly in front of computer screens.

Are you at risk for CVS?

If you've experienced headaches, blurred vision, dry eye or other symptoms, you may have CVS. CVS is treatable and preventable. Below is a simple checklist to determine whether you're at risk.

  1. Do you spend more than four hours a day in front of a computer screen (laptop, desktop or tablet)?
  2. Are you experiencing headaches either during computer use or within two hours after you're finished?
  3. Do you have neck aches, back aches or muscle fatigue either during computer use or within two hours after you've finished
  4. Do you have blurred vision when using a computer?
  5. Do you have dry or red, itchy eyes when using a computer?

Although CVS has not been found to cause any permanent damage to the eyes, its painful symptoms can affect performance at work and at home. Eye health professionals, though, have found several ways to prevent CVS from affecting computer users.

We Specialize in Computer Vision Syndrome

Treatment for CVS may include different types of contact lenses or glasses, adjustments to your prescription and/or special eye drops.

If you're concerned about your risks for CVS or think that you may be suffering from symptoms, please contact our office for an appointment with Dr. Brian Woolf, who specializes in CVS.


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