Dry Eye Management


Many patients suffer from a chronic lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye. Dry Eye Syndrome can cause redness, burning or, believe it or not, excessive watery eyes.

Dry Eye Syndrome can have a number of causes. Certain medications, climate, aging, menopause and also geographic surroundings can cause an onset of the problem. Long-term contact lens care can also contribute to Dry Eye Syndrome, which is why we work very closely with our patients to ensure that they're using lenses the correct way.

Do you have Dry Eye Syndrome?

A short visit to our office will determine whether you have Dry Eye Syndrome or are at risk. We may administer a Schirmer test, where we'll place a thin strip of filter paper under your lower eyelid to measure your tear production. We'll also check the glands near your eyes for your mucous, lipid and lacrimal layers, which are part of the tear production system.


Treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome -- Dr. Michelle Levy

Depending on the cause and severity, our doctors may make a variety of recommendations. We may prescribe eye drops, suggest wearing glasses instead of contacts, suggest making environmental changes at work or at home, or we may recommend inserting punctual plugs, which are permanent silicone plugs that are inserted painlessly and help your eyes drain tears properly.

If you're suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome, please contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Levy, who is a Dry Eye Syndrome specialist.


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